KYO: Yakinikuno Hiro Kiyamachi

Yakinikuno Hiro Kiyamachi, Yakiniku (beef barbecue) Restaurant

Japanese young people love to eat Yakiniku, beef barbecue. Probably they require stamina. There are many Yakiniku restaurants in Japan, and each restaurant has its own style. Some are jimble-jamble, some fixate Kobe beef (or other top-brand local beef), some feature “all-you-can-eat”, some take pride in being a sophisticated atmosphere in opposition to the image of greasy Yakiniku. Yakinikuno Hiro Kiyamachi has some of the above features. It serves great Japan beef. They buy a cow in whole, and provide various regions of the cow. Also, the building here is an old Japanese style (around Meiji period). The price is not too high. Moreover, in summer, they will have a balcony overlooking the Kamogawa River.

Yakiniku does not have Japanese origins. Yakiniku in Japan nowadays can be said “Korean-style barbecue adapted to Japanese tastes”. Yakiniku, literally means “grilled meat”, and at most of the restaurants, we have our own brazier with charcoal, and we put a slice of beef on our own. Once the dish with slices of beef is served, you do not have to wait so long to start eating. You can grill whatever you like at your own pace. In the past, ladies tended to hesitate to have meal at Yakiniku restaurant because the room would be filled with smokes so that their clothing got bad-smelling. Recently, the air ventilation got better, so those are also popular for ladies.

I have visited Yakinikuno Hiro Kiyamachi sometimes with my colleagues, my family, my friends, and so on because I like the easiness in a lot of ways. It is close to the city center so that it is easy to meet somebody, I can choose beef of high quality, but not too expensive, and I like the building, too. It is like I was visiting a nice restaurant. Honestly speaking, I sometimes love to visit rafferty place because I could feel like blending right with in the local people (I guess it seems like the excitement when visiting food stalls in Asian countries.). However, when I would like to have dinner (or lunch) in a cozy restaurant, but not too formal, this would be a nice place. Please note that it is not “high-end”, but good for individuals who are seeking for such a place, or group tour, maybe. So, if you are looking for more exclusive restaurant, this would not be the one.

Finally, let me introduce some other restaurants by Hiro Co., Ltd. Especially, Hiro Gion Yamana-an and Hiro Yasaka-tei serve Kaiseki stye (course of dishes), and each has its great Japanese atmosphere. Hiro in Pontocho is more private, and nice to visit when you need to talk thoroughly, and it would be also interesting to stop by Hiro Sembon Sanjo, located in a Sanjokai shopping street. I will report each place one by one.