KYO: Kushikura

Kushikura, Kushiyaki (grilling on a skewer) Restaurant

I visited the restaurant for lunch. Previously, Kushikura has been one of the prospective restaurants due to its positive conditions for foreigners. One of the reasons is that many people would like to eat Yakitori – grilled chicken on bamboo skewers -. Another reason is that the location is close to the city center. Moreover, the atmosphere is not bad because of its building. It is a Machiya (traditional Japanese house). And finally, many clients and guides said it would be fine to choose this restaurant by word of mouth.

When you are trying to find out good restaurants, the above reasons may not be perfect. As its heart, when finding the best, the most important reason is it tastes wonderful. However, it is very difficult to measure how tasty the food there because the taste senses are infinite in variety. So, when I introduce restaurants, I write what I felt, but at the same time, I would like to give you clues to help you to choose the suitable ones.

First of all, the exterior was good, and it seemed like a traditional house (it actually used to be a draper’s shop). As I came in, the waiting room on the earth floor was darkish but I felt it was like a typical Machiya house in Kyoto. The dining area were, either counter-sitting or separated Tatami rooms. From many of the rooms, you can enjoy a small inner garden which can be seen in traditional houses in Kyoto. If you are not good at sitting on your heels, please do not worry that in most of the rooms, you can sit down like you are on a chair. We call it “Horigotatsu” - a low, covered table placed over a hole in the floor of a Japanese-style Tatami room. The counter is also like a table.

I chose a seat at the counter, and ordered a Domburi with Yakitori – A bowl of rice topped with Yakitori. It took a bit longer time than I imagined. But while I was waiting for that, the Kitchener grilled chicken over charcoal fire carefully. The chicken was delicious, but personally, I love Yakitori chopped into small pieces. In this restaurant, the size of the chicken was a bit bigger. However, to put it the other way around, it means you will be able to relish chicken in plenty. The sauce was very plain, so for me, I felt a bit short of fun. Miso soup was not what I wanted, because the broth was too light.

In conclusion, unfortunately, it was not a shocking great taste, but still, I can leave it in the list of restaurants which can be used depending on circumstances. Next time, it would be also nice to visit there at night. On the menu, there were many items (mainly chicken and vegetables from Kyoto) that I wanted to try. Probably, it should not be so expensive, too.