KYO: Nonomiya Jinja Shrine

Nonomiya Jinja Shrine

Kuroki Torii Gate with Chinowa

At the end of June, I finally decided to start exploring Arashiyama area, where many people might be interested in. Nonomiya Jinja Shrine is a very small shrine, but is famous for women these days because people believe the god of this shrine will bring us the good luck on making a good match, and being blessed with good children. So, especially, women may be interested in. I was also interested in, and when I saw the gate of the shrine, I thought naively that I liked the atmosphere. It was a very small shrine unexpectedly, but seemed that there might be tender atmosphere. The Torii gate was unique, and said to be one of the oldest styles of Torii gates. The day was in good time, because the day was for passing through a large ring called “Chinowa” as an act of purification from misdeeds, impurities, or bad luck. I could take away those, and it made me feel refreshed. Also, I could see beautiful sceneries of small sub-shrines, moss garden, and greenery. One of the sub-shrine enshrined Shirafukuinari Daimyojin, the god of being blessed with good children. Personally, I paid obeisance to the god for my future.

Beautiful small sub-shrine and moss garden
This shrine used to be the sacred place (called Nonomiya) where Saio, an unmarried Imperial princess who was selected to serve the god of Isejingu Shrine, stayed to purify herself before leaving Kyoto for Ise. It was the sacred place confined by an enclosure and Kuroki Torii gate. Kuroki Torii gate which is made of logs with bark. Saio was changed when a new emperor ascended. She did not have to use the same sacred place, and this place was used as Nonomiya by a daughter of Emperor Saga in 8th century. The practice of Saio was abolished in the 13th to 14th century, but this place remained as a Shinto shrine, called Nonomiya Jinja Shrine now.

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When you visit here, I would like to suggest these;
-      To visit to make a wish for a good match (marriage), and being blessed with good children, or having an easy delivery.
-      To visit there on 30th of June to take away your bad luck.