KYO: Kitano Temmangu Shrine

Kitano Temmangu Shrine

This shrine is one of the most important shrines in Japan, for me. When I challenge something, I always visit here, and appreciate Sugawara-No Michizane, the god of this shrine, that I could have managed to just drift along on each occasion in my life. It brings me courage to go forward and sometimes I can look back on what I had done, and I feel like becoming peaceful. When I stand in front of the shrine pavilion, I always look up a mirror hung under the roof. Sometimes I stare at it, and sometimes not. It reflects me, and I believe that the god is watching me through that mirror, and at the same time, it is a true measure of how sincerely I spend my life.The reason why I wrote it one of the most important ones is, this is the place that I can be solemn. Feelings are different for each person, so I wish you will find out the right place while you are in Japan. I think that the god is in yourself, so when you feel any emotional ties, probably it is that.

Kitano Temmangu Shrine said to be built in 947 to worship Sugawara-No Michizane. He was born in 845 in Kyoto, and known as a scholar, a poet, and a politician in the Heian Period of Japan. He served the emperor, but was exiled to Kyusyu (now in Fukuoka Prefecture) because of slander and died in 903 at Dazaifu in Kyusyu. After his death, severe natural disasters hit Kyoto, and people thought that those were the result of his wrath. To ease his anger, he was enshrined as the god. The process of divinization of Michizane was assisted by sympathy with his misfortune of having died in exile, and by his faithful character, and by his great approach of learning. He was proud of his country’s history and culture, but at the same time, he had the generosity to embrace foreign culture. Now, he is believed as the god of learning because of his great feat of learning. Now, Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is one of the two head shrines of around 12,000 shrines which worship Sugawara-No Michizane.
Crest of Plum

<High Spots>
When you visit here, I would like to suggest these;
-   To make a wish of your challenge, especially examinations for all students.
-   To see the scenery of plum trees which he loved.
-   To gentle the Cow’s back. Cow is regarded as a messenger of the god in this shrine.
-   To enjoy the market on 25th in each month, called “Tenjin San”. 25th is the day of his birth & death.