KYO: Chikurin-No Komichi Path

Chikurin-No Komichi Path

On the same day as the river cruising, I walked the bamboo path. It is famous for foreign visitors, but I visited there for the first time. I imagined that the path was very touristic, but it was beyond my expectations. Even though it was just a path for walking, I totally enjoyed strolling. The reason is, although Arashiyama area is visited by so many people, if you visit there on weekdays, the path is still silent so that we can enjoy the voice of the wind, like wavelet. Also, the path was longer than I imagined so that I could visit or go to temples or shrines as I wished. The path diverged in various directions. I then was satisfied that the place was famous and popular. When you visit Kyoto, I recommend you to visit there for relaxing, or probably an adventure, looking for great sites.